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Accurate Building and Pest Inspections. Pest Control Services.

Accurate Building and Pest Inspections have added other services to their professional sevices. We now specialise in all aspects of pest control using integrated pest management system as follows :

1. Relies on the understanding of the ecology of the pest ( in paticular, those factors which favour its development)
2. Draws from this knowledge non-chemical approaches that will make the enviroment less suited to the development of the pest population
3. May involve the judicious and sensitive use of pesticides.

Pest Control Services:-

* Termite prevention with chemical warranties. Eradication methods that are friendly with the enviroment. (Note): Most Insurance companies do not cover you for termite damage. (Check your policy thoroughly).

* Insect control- Spiders, wasps, flying insects, flees.

* Rodent Control- Rats and mice.

Please call for a competitive price and professional service for your individual pest needs. 0412686581 or Email:

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